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School Uniform

In all cases, children may wear branded items with the school logo, available through Stitch Design.  Enter Wincham in the school name and follow the straightforward onscreen instructions. You can pay online and the items will be delivered to school.

Children may also wear non branded items in lieu of any of the items in the list, as long as they are school colours, so an unbranded, plain royal blue jumper or fleece is acceptable instead of one with the logo.

Please remember to fully label all clothing and equipment.

Second hand uniform

We keep a stock of second hand uniform that is available on request.  If you would like financial support in this way, please speak to a member of the admin team who will be pleased to help.

School uniform

  • Grey trousers, shorts or skirts.
  • White school polo shirt or plain white polo shirt.
  • Blue school jumper or sweatshirt with school logo.
  • Blue school cardigan or sweat cardigan with school logo.
  • Grey or white socks (children may wear black or grey tights on cooler days but socks are required for PE)
  • Black shoes (should be appropriate for school, not high heels, trainers, boots or platforms)
  •  Trainers may only be worn for outside games and playtimes.
  • Jewellery should not be worn for school with the exception of a watch.  
  • For warmer days, blue gingham checked or striped dresses may be worn.  (If bought as a two-piece they must be worn together and not mix and matched with school uniform).
  • Sunhats and UV protective sunglasses may be worn, but school do not take any responsibility for loss or damage.  Please provide your child with a hard glasses case for storage.
  • In colder weather where windows are open for ventilation to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, children may wear a school fleece on top of their vest, t-shirt or jumper.
  • Long hair must always be tied back due to the prevalence of nits.
  • Earrings should always be removed.  If your child's ears have only just been pierced and are still healing, we request they come to school with the earring covered with micrpore tape.  

PE Lessons:

  • Pump bag
  • Black shorts (not cycling shorts)
  • White t-shirt
  • Grey or white socks
  • Black Pumps /  trainers for outside  (velcro fastening preferable)
  • Black jogging pants (plain only)
  • Black long sleeved sweatshirt
  • Clothing items with school logo are available but any unbranded alternative is permitted for the P.E. kit

During PE lessons, if the weather is mild & dry the children will be outside where we have ample playground facilities. If the weather is cold & wet then the hall will be used. During the late autumn & spring months the normal school shorts & T–shirts will possibly need to be layered with black jogging pants and black sweatshirts.

Year 6 Leavers' Hoodies

In April and May of their time in Year 6, children will be given a Citizenship Challenge, where they accrue points for each time they complete an action eg helping a friend, taking initiative, being ready to learn, having the correct uniform.  The tasks to achieve may change from year to year, depending on the needs of the cohort.

 Achievement of all of the items on the list earns the children the right to wear their Leavers’ Hoodie in school instead of the usual blue school jumper.  

This is intended as a motivational tool to support the children through the difficult period of SATs revision and tests.

Hoodies will be available to order through the school office in the Spring term.  A letter will be sent to parents nearer the time.


If a child wishes to dress in the clothes associated with one’s gender identity, rather than biological sex, it can be a very daunting and difficult time for both the child and the parent. Care must be taken to ensure that trans children and young people are supported during this time. (Taken from the Trans Inclusion Toolkit 2017) Should this be the case, please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher so we can support your child and yourselves appropriately.

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