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School tours

If you are interested in having tour of the School & Nursery then please contact the school office on 01606 668380 and they will let you know when the next tours is scheduled.


We look forward to meeting you.


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Our playground has many different and exciting features including a netball court, football pitch, climbing frame, the Hydeaway, hopscotch, a chess board, a table tennis table and a small running track. We are also so grateful to have amazing toys to play with that help our fitness and exercise, such as balance boards, balls, skipping ropes and hula hoops. In addition, we have a quiet area where we can sit down and relax. EYFS and Key Stage 1 have a playtime together, and Key Stage 2 have a separate playtime.  Each class has a day that they can use the equipment; if you forget, there are lots of rotas up around school to show when it is your day and the Fun Friends and Mentors can help you. At Key Stage 2 break, there is a snack trolley, and also some of us choose to have milk to drink. All the infants have free fresh fruit, and some of them also have milk. Some of our PE lessons are also in the playground.


Nursery (Butterflies) is a preschool where 3-4 year olds learn basic skills like the alphabet. We get fed delicious
fruit and vegetables that we grow in the garden with a fresh bottle of milk. Children can stay from 9am-12am,
but if you would prefer to drop your child off at lunch, you can send them to lunch club with a packed lunch
so they can eat and then watch a film and play games.

Reception Classes

We have two marvellous reception classes which have an outdoor play area which allows us to explore different abilities that we have. Inside our wonderful classes, we learn the alphabet and how to count up to a maximum of 20. We also have a reading book with a reading diary that we take home to write how many pages we have read.

We go on school trips with our classes to different places like going to the zoo and many other places. We also have break time where we are allowed on the field , the gym equipment and the playground. In the morning, we get free fruit for our class every day. When it is lunch time we go onto the little playground before the big playground since the juniors would we having their play time.

Key Stage 1

In KS1 there are three different classes: Year 1, Year 1/ 2 (mixed class) and Year 2. We do lots of fun and exciting activities, such as: using IPads, using fun maths equipment like the ‘leaping frog’, ‘Show and Tell’ and many more.

In KS1 we love our phonics lessons - they are always good fun.  They really help us to read well.

In Year 2, we set a good example to the rest of KS1 as we are the oldest children in the infants and we train and learn to be ‘Fun Friends’ which is where we help each other during playtime.

Lower Key Stage 2

In Lower KS2, we have Year 3, Year 3 / 4 and Year 4. Like every class they have class names which are: Woodpeckers (Year 4), Hedgehogs (Year 3) and Badgers (Year3 / 4). Year 4 is located in the upper KS2 corridor whereas Year 3 and Year 3 / 4 are next to each other in their own area.

In Year 3 you get to choose anything from the delicious snacktrolly where you can eat toast, crumpets, bagel and drink a variety of juices.

These classrooms have interactive whiteboards that teachers can use to present a slideshow on. They also have an option of a normal whiteboard to write questions and draw diagrams. In Year 4 they also take part in the band for one year which is very exciting. Year 3 and Year 3/ 4 also take part in swimming lesson on Fridays that goes on for 1 hour each week.

Upper Key Stage 2

Upper KS2 is consisted of years 5 and 6. There is one class for year 6, one class for year 5 and one mixed class. However, this can vary due to the amount of children in each year.

During Upper KS2, we can be trusted with more responsibilities than any other years before, such as: eco-warriors; e-safety monitors; recycling monitors; fruit monitors; and many more. In year 6, there is an end of year play which is announced after you have completed the SATS. The production can help us have more confidence in ourselves. On the last day of term, there is a leavers’ service to celebrate our good work and moving on into secondary school.

Global Goals

Our hard-working head teacher strongly believes that Global Goals should be a big part of our curriculum. All of the 17 goals are incredibly important and every day we attempt to help the whole world be a better place. As we learn more, we take more time in looking after our school and the environment we live in. Our school believes that if we all work together we can accomplish anything.

Displays and Working Walls

Our work can be seen on display throughout the school in corridors, classrooms and in the library. We also have working walls in our classrooms which we can look at to help us learn, and see good examples of writing or maths, Sometimes we put up questions that we want to find out the answers to. Each classroom has a display about the woodland creature that they are named after. We also put our art work on show. We are proud when our work is chosen to be Writer of the Week and our writing goes on display in the entrance hall.

Year 2 Fun Friends & Year 6 Playground Mentors

Mentors and fun friends help students play, make friends and get involved with our exhilaratingly fun play equipment. Since year two are the oldest in key stage one and key stage one and two have different play time times, they become fun friends and help the younger children have a better play time.

This is also the case for the year six, who become playground mentors. They help to sort out any squabbles between the children and hand the play equipment out. They also help hurt children get to the medical room and play with other children who may be lonely.

They wear yellow hats so other people can see them if they have any troubles.

Outdoor gym equipment

We feel incredibly fortunate and excited to have new gym equipment. It keeps us fit and healthy but also allows us to have fun. There are three stages of the gym: beginner, intermediate and advanced. We also have a rota for different classes so we know the days when we can use the gym so that it makes the equipment fun and fair. There are many different muscles that you can exercise such as the quads, biceps, calves and many other leg and arm muscles.

Acorns - before and after school club

Within our magnificent school grounds, we have a fun-packed morning and after school club. This fabulous child care opens early in the morning, 7:30am, and then closes when school starts, 9:00am. It then opens at 3:20pm and the kind and caring staff would walk over to KS1 to pick us up whilst KS2 walk over ourselves.

When we are at the club, we also enjoy being able to play outside on our new edition, the gym equipment. We also enjoy the snacks that they provide us: they have a variety of food to choose from. Inside this friendly club, there are lots of activities that the staff have chosen for us to enjoy, sometimes it has even been baking and you get to bring what you have done home. The club is closed by the staff (the staff vary so you will see different people every day) at 6:00pm.The staff are very friendly and make sure you are happy all the time there.

Outdoor play equipment

During playtimes we have a vast variety of experiences for our enjoyment icluding a challenging  obstacle course that tests our strength and resilience (The Adventure Trail).

As well as our Adventure Trail,  at playtimes  we can perform and express ourselves in front of our friends at the Theatre and we always have a good laugh when we try to sing! We also have a climbing frame  where we have created imaginative games to play and we often cheer when watching football from the top of the equipment when a player scores a goal.

Around the golden mile, there are wooden logs (known as the stepping stones) that encourage us to use our imaginative to play some games. For example: some of us pretend the grass is lava and try to avoid it. Sometimes we may start nudging each other off to be the last one standing.

Computers and iPads

At Wincham, we are incredibly lucky to have access to a huge array of computer-based resources such as Discovery Coding and Espresso. We also have many laptops and iPads, including three for each class and 31 that are shared by the whole school. We use the computers and iPads for many different subjects such as English, IT, Maths and RE. The lower key stages and Nursery also use large interactive white-board to learn all about phonics and spelling. There is a main computer at the front which connects to the interactive white-board so that we can see what the teacher is doing. There is a display about internet safety and one about the different parts of a computer’s system and how they work together to get things done. Overall, the ICT suite is a fun and educational way to work as a team and develop life-changing IT skills.

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