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School Meals

**** From 15.04.24 the cost of school meals will be £2.90 per day *****

At Wincham all our children remain in school at lunchtime. All Reception and KS1 children are eligible for a free school meal each day (please inform the school office if you will be providing a packed lunch instead).  A large percentage of our KS2 children already purchase a school lunch provided by our catering team.

Dinner-times are an important and enjoyable experience and we are fortunate in having an efficient and caring team of Mid-Day Assistants to look after our children.  The food is nutritious, well-cooked and represents excellent value. We are all very proud of our School Cook, Mrs Monks, who was awarded CW&C ‘Supervisor of the Year 2012’ for her commitment to the Catering service.

For all KS2 children it is important that dinner money is paid for in advance so that arrears do not build up. You should pay online using the School Gateway . However, children may bring a packed lunch to eat at school, if they wish. Please provide a suitable lunchbox marked with your child’s name. 

If your child has any food allergies please inform the school office.

The school operates a policy allowing children access to drinking water throughout the day. Please provide your child with a water bottle to be brought into school each day and ensure that it is taken home to be washed and refilled ready for the following day. Free milk is provided for under 5’s and children on Free School Meals and can be purchased for children 5 years and over if required. From 1st September 2023 the cost of school milk will be 28p per day.

Download the Wincham School Menu.

SCHOOL LUNCH NEWS - we are delighted to be able to offer "Friday Specials" These are availble to any children who normally have a packed lunch but would like a school lunch on a Friday. You can order your Friday Specials by completing the online form here 


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