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Multiflex Sports Coaching

Multiflex's mission statement - 

To develop and enhance physical and mental well being, using sport as a medium, in a fun enviroment.

What Multiflex cover - 

Over the six half terms in the school academic year every child at Wincham will receive P.E. lessons in the following areas of sports

Half term 1 - Invasion Games - Basketball, Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball, Dodgeball

Half term 2 - Dance

Half term 3 - Gymnastics

Half term 4 - Net and Wall Games - Tennis, Badmington, Volleyball, Squash

Half term 5 - Athletics

Half term 6 - Striking and fielding games - Cricket, Rounders, Baseball


When being taught the areas of games the pupils may not do every sport on the list, Multiflex will choose which sports will best develop the pupils.

Reception class also spend a lot of time on developing fundamental movements as this helps as the foundations for all other sports.

Multiflex after school clubs and sports camps - 

Multiflex will run after school sports clubs every Tuesday and Wednesday through out the school year. Activities at these club's will change each half term.

Multiflex also organise holiday sports camps in spring break, summer half term and the summer holidays.

School Teams - 

Multiflex will select pupils to represent the school in various sporting competitions and will provide extra coaching for these teams when needed.

Wincham Primary school has had great success in this area over recent years.

Multiflex Coaches at Wincham 2018/2019

Mark Webb

Jack Rae

Will Marsh

Rosie Burrows

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