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Our Kenyan partnership

Exciting News!

We are delighted to be wlecoming Mr JM, the headteacher of Njoro DEB Primary School to Englan in November.  JM will be coming with staff from Egerton Primary School in Njoro.  JM is a wonderful headteacher, an inspiration to the staff and well loved by the children at the school.  

During the visit, JM will be spending time in each class, as well as visiting local schools.  Some time during the weekend of his visit will be set aside to explore the local area, and see some of our wonderful heritage.  Everyone at school is looking forward to and will get a lot from meeting our Kenyan friend and colleague.  

The document below is a live record of the work Mr JM does with each of the classes in school.  It will be added to over the course of his visit as children interact with him, for other people to see the impact of the partnership.

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JM's visit also incorporates a lot of wider experiences outside of Wincham CP School.  We have also brought together a range of photos so you can see how JM, and the other Kenyan teachers, Thomas and Edith, have enjoyed their time in the UK.

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Currently, Isaac's Accountants and RMG Residential Management Group have very kindly sponsored part of the visit.  School has to meet the entire cost, and we will be doing so in part through PTA donations.  We are still looking for further corporate sponsorship for the visit.  In return for a donation, we can offer a visit to school and a photo opportunity with JM and some of the children which can be used for corporate publicity.

Njoro DEB Primary School in Kenya

One of the main aims of the partnership is to develop a sense of equality with others around the world.  This helps our children to understand the challenges faced by others, but also to understand that despite living in a third world country, there is an incredible vibrancy and richness to the culture.  When the children at Wincham CP School grow up, they will be working with people around the world, collaborating online and using video calling as part of their daily lives.  In order to prepare them for this, we must equip the children with tolerance, emapthy and understanding.



History of the partnership and impact report

The partnership with Njoro DEB Primary School in Kenya was established in 2009 with British Council funding, and has been maintained ever since in a range of ways.  Teachers from Wincham have visited Kenya many times, and we have hosted return visits from Kenyan teachers.  There is extensive communication between the two schools as teachers in England and Keny ahve developed close personal friendships.  Professionally, there has been a huge impact on the children of both schools through attitudes, understanding of global citizenship and personal development.  Teachers in England and Kenya have all developed in terms of their teaching practices, taking the best of the ideas from each others' schools.

Further detailed information about the visits and how the partnership has developed over time can be found here.  Impact report.

February 2023

Most recently, Mr Boot & Mrs Webb visited staff at Njoro DEB Primary School to ensure the continuation of the partnership following a change of headteacher in the school.  They taught lessons to the children about wellbeing using lessons that were identical to those taught to the children at Wincham, as well as continuing to develop the wider professional bonds that will support the partnership into the future.

Impact on attitudes and understanding

During the February 2023 visit, children at Wincham communicated with Mr Boot and Mrs Webb using Padlet to ask about the trip.  

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Learning across the curriculum

Whilst in Kenya, Mr Boot and Mrs Webb were able to post to YouTube with short clips showing what every day life is like in Njoro, and other parts of Kenya.  These were watched each day in school, and the playlist will grow over time to be incorporated into the wider curriculum.  For example, when our children do a local area study in Wincham, they will contrast this with images and video of the children's walk from school to home in Njoro.

November 2019

Faith Gathongo visited us along with some of her colleagues from other Kenyan schools.  Faith has been the link teacher, responsible for leading the global element of the curriculum and developing the partnership at Njoro DEB Primary School.  Faith spent the week teaching in every class. She has taught the children about the Global Goals and has answered lots and lots of questions about life in Kenya. Faith has taught the children songs that she uses in her teaching and has shared Kenyan artefacts with the children to further explore the Kenyan way of life.

February 2019

Mrs Crawford was fortunate enough to visit Kenya with the support of a grant from the British Council's Connecting Classrooms project.  Mrs Crawford worked alongside all of the Kenyan teachers to deliver lessons based on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

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