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The Governing Board




Autumn term 2018


  • Challenged the Head Teacher and SLT effectively
  • Attended the Governors’ Forum and familiarised themselves with the School Development Plan and school data
  • Allocated link roles to Governors in line with the School Development Plan to strengthen the monitoring role
  • Reviewed, approved and adopted statutory policies
  • Scrutinised school finances
  • Supported cross curricular learning
  • Worked to develop lock down and emergency evacuation policies and procedures


Spring term 2019

Governors have:

  • Accessed alternative training
  • Visited school this term, participated in lessons and all aspects of the school day and updated the subject sections of the School Development Plan.
  • Had focused discussions during committee meetings
  • Re-organised the budget to support staff and make changes where necessary
  • The Chair, Vice-Chair and Chair of the finance committee have met our MP, Esther McVey, to raise the profile of school funding
  • The Vice-Chair has been supporting Year 6 and greater depth children in maths
  • Governor link roles have been re-allocated
  • The Chair and Vice-Chair regularly visit the school and discuss matters with the Head Teacher
  • Supported and challenged the Head Teacher and Senior leadership team
  • Reviewed and updated policies to ensure that the school is current with recent policy and procedures


Summer term 2019

Governors have:

  • Supported the Head Teacher in making changes to the Nursery through participation in the decision making process, contributing to the Nursery business plan and ensuring that there were no financial barriers to change
  • Focused on staff wellbeing
  • Met with an external expert on Academisation to consider whether conversion to an academy would be right for the school
  • Had focused discussions during committee meetings
  • Familiarised themselves with the new Ofsted framework and governors’ accountability within it
  • Supported and challenged the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership team
  • Undertaken training to develop governance roles


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