The SMART Assembly

On Monday we had a special assembly. Mrs Miller asked her Year 5 class to put together a presentation. Her class explained that:

S = safe, M= meet, A = accept, R = reliable & T = tell.

Mrs Miller asked Ellie Jackson, Heidi Southern, Ben Williams, Ella Hargreaves & Lola Crawford to be superheroes. They all wore capes with the letters S, M, A, R, T on.
Safe meant never share your personal information on line.
Meet meant never meet anyone you have spoken to on line.
Accept meant never accept e mails, messages or friend requests from people you do not know because they may contain nasty viruses that damage your devise.
Reliable meant never accept a friend request from someone who may be your friend. Always check with your friend that it is them because it may be someone trying to trick you or hack you.
Tell means if someone is nasty or hacks you tell a trusted adult because it is not okay.

Many chat rooms on the internet have report or alert buttons that enable users to report inappropriate behaviour or bullying.
They went through a stage when one person when one person was sat on a chair back to back with another chair with another person on. One of them was on the bullying/hacking end & the other was the innocent person.

So remember be super smart.

By Ella Nevett.