Synagogue Trip

Year 5 & 6 went on a visit to Hale Synagogue. When we arrived we were greeted by the Rabbi Harvey Rosenfield & his wife. The boys had to wear a Kippah skullcap. We walked around the greeting room & we saw the sink where the worshippers wash themselves & say prayers before entering the main room.

Next we were shown into the main room & were asked to sit down on the seats. Mrs Rosenfield told us about The Star of David, the Ark & the Torah (scroll). The Torah is kept in a brass case & the internal light or Ner Tamid hangs above The Ark & is a symbol of G-D’s presence, always faces Jerusalem.

We were shown the balcony where the women sit separately from the men, allowing the men to concentrate on prayer & also the two stone tablets which bear the 10 commandments.

I enjoyed the trip & found it interesting & would like to go there again one time.

By Hannah Garlick