Sports Funding



Sports Funding  2015-2016                 Total £ 9,155

(Budget income code 87101) 7/12 available Sept-March £5340 & 5/12 available April-Aug £3815

Description of Provision


Multiflex additional tuition for Nursery £1,550
Vale Royal Sports Partnership £2,950
Extra-Curricular Participation- Transport £1,200
Supply Cover for Staff Training £1,200
Additional coaching costs £700
Increase resources and additional pool rental £1,600
  Total                               £9,200  


·         The Co-ordinator monitored P.E throughout the school by examining and improving teachers planning, observing lessons, having discussions with children and through this process it was clear that the variety of Sporting activities offered, quality of delivery and involvement in sporting competition had all increased within KS1 & KS2. All cohorts regularly benefit from the ‘5 a day’ activities and there has been an increased use of the ‘Golden Mile’ facility, more children are active in school for at least 30 minutes a day, showing that we have taken our responsibility in support of the ‘Child Obesity Strategy’ seriously.


·          The extended PE offer within the Foundation Stage had shown an increase in the confidence and agility of the 3-4 year olds in the Nursery. The Foundation Profile data shows that 90% of our Reception children are working at expected or exceeded in the area of Moving and Handling and that this has been maintained for the past three years. The EY team will continue to have this area of learning as a focus for 2016-2017.


·         The CPD for Staff has had a positive impact on their ability to deliver quality PE and swimming lessons and the children have benefited from this, there has been an increase in expectation at all levels.


·         Additional swimming sessions provided an opportunity for the less confident swimmers in Y4,5 & 6 to improve their swimming proficiency. Nearly all KS2 children have attained at least the 25m award.


·         Newsletters and Primary News focused on Sporting achievement throughout the year so that involvement and successes in Sport were celebrated and all parents were aware of the breadth of the offer available through Sport at Wincham. In the parents Questionnaire 92.5% of the 186 responses stated that they strongly agreed or agreed that ‘participation in PE and Games is encouraged at this school.


·         Sports week, Led by our Sports Captains, was very successful with full participation from all pupils. Parents were invited to share in a number of in-house and inter school events.


·         The school has continued to work at maintaining the ‘Silver Games Mark’ and a number of new Sporting activities were made available for the children this year. A greater focus was given to Inter-School events and equality of opportunity and a range of mixed gender activities and mixed school teams were well received by the children, which included teams for… Basketball, Mixed Y4/5 Tag Rugby,  Mixed Y5/6 Tag Rugby, Y5/6 Mixed football, Tennis and Golf.


An award was presented at the end of the school year a Year 6  pupil who had made the most improvement in sporting performance during their time at Wincham School. This child had also made a significant contributions through a range of Athletics disciplines, both track and field, and had been a great inspiration to younger pupils.


Sports Funding  2016-2017    Total £9,100


Description of Provision


Multiflex additional tuition for Nursery and Reception £1,550
Vale Royal Sports Partnership £2,950
Extra-Curricular Participation- Transport £1,000
Supply Cover for Staff Training

Additional Coaching Costs



Increase resource £2,000

Total                                   £9,200


Planned Actions for using the  Sports Funding 2016-2017:

  1. To further Increase opportunities for Nursery to have quality PE with Multiflex.
  2. Buy back ‘Vale Royal Sports Partnership’ program.
  3. To further develop the use of the playground facilities by the keep children active at playtimes and lunchtimes. Lunch time staff development target for 2016-17.
  4. Further develop the roles of the Schools Sports Captains to support lunchtime activities on the Adventure trail and ‘Golden Mile’ path.
  5. Develop the Y6 Sports Leadership program and implement the play leader programme.
  6. Increase staff CPD with the support of the PESS to include taught courses and one to one mentoring for KS1 and KS2 staff x4.
  7. Increase quality of Gymnastics ability and confidence of the children in all cohorts, by embedding effective teaching which incorporates the new climbing frame. Children will be able to demonstrate agility and increased skill in moving across equipment at height.
  8. Improve systems of assessment in PE and adopt a system which is consistent between class teacher and external provider. Identify those making effective progress and action support for those not achieving expected progress.
  9. Update the PE Scheme to include amended Long term plans and additional resources in line with the New National Curriculum requirements
  10. To further extend the extra Curricular sports offer as identified in the ‘Equal Opportunities’ audit, to include tennis, basketball, tag rugby, girls football for Y3/4 and Y5/6.
  11. Monitor PE throughout the school to ensure high standards of teaching and learning.
  12. To further extend the Swimming offer to include all KS2 children who have not yet achieved 25 meters Award.


To be determined following assessments in July 2017.