SMART Assembly

On Monday we had an assembly about S.M.A.R.T. Then Mrs Miller told everyone about what her Year 5 class had put together which was a very clear presentation on how to keep safe online & what you should do if you are worried about something that has happened.

Firstly a few of the Year 5’s introduced themselves & said what they are doing. Then Super SMART (several of the Year 5’s) were representing what each letter stood for:

S = safe: always keep personal information safe so that only you can see or know.
M = meet; never meet anyone on line unless you know 100% who it is & what they look like. In general you should never meet from online.
A = accept; never accept anything or anyone wanting to get in touch as this could lead to viruses or people accessing/hacking personal data & information that only you should see.
R = reliable, never rely on just one website because you might have got the question wrong by using a faulty website. You should always check several websites.
T = tell; always tell a trusted adult if something is going on.

Also Year 5 performed 2 role plays mainly representing: M = meet & the other one included T = tell.

It was a great presentation & it was a great experience for me to learn how to stay safe on line & on social media.
Anything you post online or in an e mail must be ok & appropriate, make sure to stay safe.
The Year 5’s performed the same presentation to the infants, I hope it was as good as the one I watched.

By Louis Perry