School Philosophy

We believe that the friendliness and warmth that is sensed immediately on arrival at this school must be preserved. School must be a welcoming place, inviting and exciting. It must present children with opportunities to be purposefully employed, busy, active and above all secure and happy. The needs of each child are to be considered with equal importance and a caring attitude shown through viewing each individual as a centre around which appropriate activities for learning and development must take place. We pride ourselves on being a caring community for all children.

As teachers, we understand the educational needs of each of our pupils and opportunities must be provided for their development intellectually, physically, socially, creatively, aesthetically, spiritually and emotionally. Learning is more likely to occur if the classroom environment is bright and challenging. Children want access to their room and to be able to see the value the teacher puts upon work that has been well done. This value will be shown by verbal praise, but also by display of work well mounted and aesthetically appealing. If we present our children with quality, whether it be seen, touched, heard or experienced emotionally, we are inviting them to produce quality of their own, to aim higher in expectation for themselves. Just as importantly, we are offering them an invitation to share in the beauty and understanding that has been experienced and appreciated by others.

We see educational value in a planned programme of play for the young child. It is our belief that through play young children gain essential, concrete experiences and acquire skills associated with early learning and with later abstract thinking. Many valuable experiences are to be gained from this area of the curriculum, particularly when there is planned intervention by a teacher and other Early Years professionals.

School is the place where mistakes will be made and we should accept the understanding of this since through mistakes realisation of truths grow. Nevertheless, the young require guidance in coming to terms with the complexity of their emotions and in assessing the poor practices for living they sometimes see around them. It is we, the School Staff, who have it in our power to be positive and influential in our dealing with the children. We must be clear in our reasoning when dealing with the young. At all times we must show ourselves to be people of sound and ethical practices, mirroring our own lives of strong principles. We want our children to have tolerance and concern for others of whatever gender, race and creed, to accept as natural a peaceful co-existence together.

Children need encouragement and order if they are to progress and develop. Work needs to be planned closely and matched to the individual ability of each child. Guidelines are necessary for the staff to follow and careful planning continually takes place. Recording and assessment must be daily occurrences to monitor closely the progress of each individual. Positive attitudes to work must be fostered so that success will be experienced and through success, confidence.

Boys and girls need to be viewed as equal in the opportunities for development we offer to them. We at Wincham School are aware of this and every effort continues to be made to meet this need.

We also understand that in order to find a useful place in our British society and become a necessary member of it, it is knowledge, practical skills and the will to use them that is so important.

We aim to help our children to strive for excellence within themselves, to be self critical and to accept
constructive criticism. We want to develop within the children attitudes of perseverance, adaptability and pride in their work. We feel these qualities will be of life long use to any child who has to fit into a society such as ours.