Learning together for the future in a safe, happy and supportive community


Head Teacher  – Mr M. Boot    head@winchamcp.cheshire.sch.uk
Co-ordinator for Finance, Premise, Health & Safety, Personnel, Staff Development & Educational Visits

Deputy Head Teacher  – Mr C. Bounds
Y 1/2 Teacher, Co-ordinator for F/KS1, Assessment, Literacy & Students

Early Years Foundation EYFS
Mrs F. Davis – Reception Teacher, Co-ordinator for EYFS, Prevent Strategy, SEN & Safeguarding

Mrs S. Pugh-Jones - Reception Teacher

Mrs G. Wood – Reception Teacher

Key Stage 1

Mrs E. Crawford - Year 1 Teacher, C-ordinator for Maths, Eco Schools, Assisitant Co-ordinator for RE & EYFS

Mrs E. Blades – Y1 Teacher, Co-ordinator for Able Child 

Key Stage 2
Mr C. Garner- Y3/4 Teacher

Miss E. Harvey – Y3 Teacher, Co-ordinator for PSHE

Mrs L. Miller – Y4 Teacher, KS2 Co-Ordinator, Co-ordinator for ICT & MFL

Mrs K. Leigh -Y5 Teacher, Co-ordinator for Music

Mrs E. Murphy-Simkiss – Y5 Teacher, Co-ordinator for Art

Mr R. Babington – Y5/6 Teacher, Co-ordinator for PE

Mrs C. Speed - Y6 Teacher

Mrs G. Wood — NurseryTeacher

Teaching Assistants
Miss K. Boag-Munroe —HLTA,  First Aider, Assistant Early Years Co-ordinator

Mrs H Molyneux – HLTA

Mrs S. Brelsford - HLTA 

Dr. R McCreadie  —  Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Clarke – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S MacMillan – Welfare Assistant, Nursery, Lunch Club

Mrs S Dolan – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Baugh – Teaching Assistant

Mrs E. Mushing - SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Freeman- SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Spruce  - SEN Teaching Assistant

Non Teaching Staff
Bursar – Mrs T. Woodward
Admin Assistants – Mrs E. Mushing, Mrs J. Robins.
Site Manager – Mr M. Snelson

Mid-day Assistants
Mrs M. Symms (Supervisor)
Mrs K. Beck
Miss H. Hodgkinson
Mrs M. Laffey
Mrs S. MacMillan

Mrs. S. Loonie
Mrs N. Culley
Mrs S. Walker
Miss A. Onslow

Miss K Nield

Miss R. Foster

Kitchen Staff 
Mrs S. Monks
Mrs C. Porter
Mrs. E Hartley

Mrs P Cyples

Lunch Time Club Assistants
Mrs S. Macmillan, Mrs H. Hodgkinson, Mrs S. Dolan. Mrs K. Beck

Mrs W. Hawksworth
Ms C Dunning
Mrs C. Dutton

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