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Our Partnership with Njoro D.E.B Primary School in Kenya

Through British Council funding, we have maintained a partnership with Njoro DEB Primary School in Kenya since 2009.  Teachers from Wincham have visited Kenya many times, and we have hosted return visits from Kenyan teachers.

In November 2019, Faith Gathongo visited us along with some of her colleagues from other Kenyan schools.  Faith has been the link teacher, responsible for leading the global element of the curriculum and developing the partnership at Njoro DEB Primary School.  Faith has spent the week teaching in every class. She has taught the children about the Global Goals and has answered lots and lots of questions about life in Kenya. Faith has taught the children songs that she uses in her teaching and has shared Kenyan artefacts with the children to further explore the Kenyan way of life.

In Febraury 2019, Mrs Crawford was fortunate enough to visit Kenya with the support of a grant from the British Council's Connecting Classrooms project.  Mrs Crawford worked alongside all of the Kenyan teachers to deliver lessons based on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

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