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Ways school can help families

Financial  Support

The school receives extra funding for children who have been awarded Pupil Premium during their time at Wincham CP School. This can be up to £1,320 per pupil and is a valuable source of additional income for us.

The school uses this money to pay for extra teaching resources that we know will support and benefit your child. It can also be used to pay for  various activities such as school trips, swimming lessons (Year 3) and Multiflex after school sessions. You may also qualify for Free School Meals.

You can apply for Pupil Premium at any time while your child is a pupil at our school and need only apply once.


Team Around The Family (TAF)

If you live in west Cheshire a professional who is already working with you can help, all you need to do is ask. For example this could be a health visitor, someone working at your children’s school, a youth worker or a housing officer. A Team Around the Family, also known as a TAF, is used to get everyone together who is or could be working with your family. With your agreement they will work together to identify the needs and strengths of your family. It will be used to find out what works well in your family, any extra support your family may need and the best way to help you with this. A TAF is voluntary. You and your child(ren) can choose if you would like to take part.  

For further information, please speak to Mr Boot or Mrs Davis.

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