Help in School

Help in School

parenthelperThe friendly atmosphere within the school brings many helpers each week to work alongside the teachers.

We feel it is vital to maintain close links between home and school, as this gives the child a feeling of security and enables parents and teachers to work closely together for the benefit of the boys and girls. At Wincham School all families are equally valued and equally welcome to take part in school activities.  We send out notes with special requests but if you feel you would like to help in any way in school, please contact the school to discuss the help you can offer.

All parent & grandparent helpers are asked to complete the relevant DBS forms which are available from the school office.

Currently helpers are involved as follows:-

  • cooking with a group of children
  • working one-to-one on the computer
  • working with a group on reading activities
  • helping with crafts e.g. sewing, embroidery
  • working one-to-one with reading
  • supervising reading or maths games with a group of children
  • accompanying children on visits outside school
  • co-ordinating the Y6 Cycle training course
  •  working in our Early Years Setting